Trump Gets Emotional Discussing His Late Parents: ‘My Father And Mother Are Looking Down On Me’

During a rally in Hialeah, Florida, former President Donald Trump delivered a highly emotive speech. While addressing his indictments, Trump characterized them as a direct attack from his political adversaries, labeling them as actions of the “radical left Democrats, Marxists, Communists, and fascists.”

Trump said that the legal challenges were not only against him but also an attempt to undermine his supporters’ freedoms and the broader movement he represents.

“Can you believe my father and mother are looking down?: ‘Son, how did that happen? We’re so proud of you, son. How did that happen?’… But this is a political indictment. This is a Biden indictment.”

Trump went on to vehemently criticize the trial in New York, and the Biden administration, framing his legal troubles as efforts to suppress his voice and discourage his voter base.

“Even that stupid trial going on in New York, which has been totally discredited, everybody’s been discrediting it,” Trump said. “That’s all that comes out of the White House. That’s to discourage people from voting. That’s to hurt us. The only difference is we have a big voice.”

Earlier this week, Trump took the stand defending his participation in the creation of financial documents that



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