Trump Drops New Hint On VP Choice – EVOL

President Trump has dropped a new hint about who his Vice President will be.

When asked by NBC News if he had decided on his vice presidential pick, Trump said, “In my mind, yeah.”

Trump added that his VP pick will “most likely” be at his debate versus Biden on June 27th.

“They’ll be there,” added Trump.

BREAKING: Trump Confirms VP Selection Has Been Made

Good news for Democrats. Given Trump’s history of making horrible personnel decisions as POTUS most likely his current pick will be an easy win for the Dems in 2028.

— Jonn Galt (@Jonn16552) June 23, 2024

Trump confirms VP selection has been made and will be revealed at next week’s presidential debate.

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— AF Post (@AFpost) June 23, 2024

Here’s what NBC News reported:

Former President Donald Trump said Saturday that he knows who his vice presidential pick will be — and gave a clue about his or her likely debate night plans.

When asked by NBC News during a Philadelphia campaign stop whether he has decided on his vice presidential pick, Trump responded, “In my mind, yeah,” adding that the person will “most likely” be at Thursday’s debate against



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