Trump clinches delegate majority for GOP presidential nomination, setting up Biden rematch – EVOL

Former President Donald Trump has secured enough delegates to seal the Republican presidential nomination, NBC News projects, setting up a 2024 rematch with President Joe Biden, who NBC News projected earlier Tuesday night has clinched the Democratic nomination.

Trump went into Tuesday’s contests in Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi and Washington as the presumptive nominee after he vanquished all his primary opponents, while Biden faced little opposition in his primaries. Former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley ended her bid for the Republican nomination last week after she won just one state on Super Tuesday.

Trump’s projected victories Tuesday night pushed him over the 1,215-delegate mark — the “magic number” needed for a majority at the GOP’s July convention in Milwaukee. Those delegates will be bound by party rules to support him, even as he faces looming court cases in four separate indictments.

The general election starts with Biden’s favorability having dipped below 40% in a spate of recent polls, below Trump, who also remains unpopular. While Biden ran ahead of Trump in virtually every major poll in 2020, recent polls have shown the race virtually tied or with Trump holding a slight edge, with voters raising concerns about Biden’s age and Trump’s legal woes.



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