“TRUMP” Chants Break Out At 3rd GOP Debate; Moderator Begs To Stop

What a moment!

“TRUMP” chants broke out tonight at the 3rd GOP debate and it was an incredible moment!

Already hailed as the “JV Debate”, it was never more clear than when the crowd started chanting Trump.

I expect my man Patrick Bet-David and his crew were in the crowd tonight, did you fellas start this?

I wouldn’t put it past them.

Incredible moment and you can watch here from my Tweet below…..I was pretty fired up when I wrote this:

TRUMP CHANT breaks out at 3rd GOP Debate!

Moderator meekly tries to say: “Let’s not do that again please, these people on stage worked REALLY HARD for you tonight!”

LOL….what a fucking joke!

They worked really hard?

Do they want a participation trophy?

Get off the fucking… pic.twitter.com/UGvll7HGhQ

— DailyNoah.com (@DailyNoahNews) November 9, 2023

How weak is this Moderator?

“Please stop, they all worked VERY HARD to be here!”

You’re kidding me right?

Do they want a big fake plastic gold participating trophy and a Juice Box?

Are they freaking children?

Are we going to hurt their feelings?

More here:

“BREAKING: Trump chant just broke out in the crowd at the RNC Debate and NBC producer yelled at



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