Trump Blows Biden's Fundraising Out of the Water, Wallops Octogenarian by 66% – EVOL

For the tyrannical administration of President Joe Biden and his diabolical establishment enablers, things have not gone to plan.

Following the May 30 sham conviction of former President Donald Trump in a trial orchestrated by Democrats, prosecuted by a former high official in Biden’s Justice Department and driven by political motivations that neither the octogenarian president nor his surrogates bothered to hide, the establishment conspirators expected that by mindlessly chanting “convicted felon” at each mention of Trump’s name, they would persuade Americans to finally abandon the former president.

Instead, Americans propelled Trump to a May fundraising haul that dwarfed Biden’s by 65.8 percent.

According to CNBC, the Biden campaign, the Democratic National Committee and their allies raised a combined $85 million in May.

By contrast, the Trump campaign, its allies and the Republican National Committee took in $141 million last month, according to the report.


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Remarkably, the Trump campaign said it raised nearly $53 million in the 24 hours following the former president’s New York conviction on charges of falsifying business records.

The establishment’s sham trial, therefore, had the ironic effect



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