Top Study Confirms UN’s ‘Climate Crisis’ Claims Are a Hoax – EVOL

A top study has confirmed that fearmongering claims made by the United Nations (UN) to support the “climate crisis” narrative are a hoax, directly contradicted by data.

Despite claims from the UN and other unelected globalists, the study has found that alleged “climate disasters” are not increasing.

In fact, eminent Italian researchers Gianluca Alimonti and Luigi Mariani found that the environment has been significantly improving in recent years, with climate-related events decreasing.

However, the researchers found that, while “climate disasters” have been decreasing, fearmongering studies and corporate media reports linking “global warming” to weather events have increased dramatically, creating the illusion of a “crisis.”

The study observed trends in climate disaster reports between 1900 and 2022.

They found that climate events are not increasing, but are more likely to be reported.

“We conclude that the patterns observed are largely attributable to progressively better reporting of natural disaster events,” wrote the researchers.

They noted that these findings directly contradict claims made by the United Nations — particularly the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR).

They found that the UN and its sub-agencies have been falsely claiming that the number of climate disasters



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