Top Granite State Democrat Issues Warning to Biden, DNC: ‘I Haven’t Forgotten How New Hampshire Was Treated’ – EVOL

Several top New Hampshire Democrats appear to be harboring resentment against President Joe Biden and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) after the Granite State was snubbed in this year’s presidential primary cycle.

Those Democrats include New Hampshire’s former State House Speaker Steve Shurtleff.

Shurtleff recently indicated that while he has forgiven Biden and the DNC, the overt slight of his state will never be forgotten among New Hampshire Democrats, the Washington Examiner reported.

Biden and the DNC decided last year to alter the Democrat primary schedule for explicitly racial reasons.

Democrats attempted to push predominately white New Hampshire, where Biden performed poorly in 2020, out of its traditional first-in-the-nation spot.

Instead, they replaced it with the “more diverse” South Carolina, whose large black population helped Biden win the 2020 nomination.

In a Monday interview with Fox News, Shurtleff indicated that while he was likely to vote for Biden’s re-election in November over President Donald Trump, he was still displeased with how national Democrats handled the New Hampshire primary election.

“I forgive, but I haven’t forgotten how New Hampshire was treated,” Shurtleff, a longtime Biden supporter, told the outlet.

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