Top Doctors Raise Alarm over 'Deadly Plague' Killing Vaxxed – EVOL

Leading doctors are warning the public about a “deadly plague” that is killing off people who have received Covid mRNA shots.

Doctors in New Zealand say vaxxed patients are now dying at “alarming” rates and warn the issue is spreading rapidly.

Coroners are also warning that mortality rates are continuing to skyrocket since the rollout of the jabs, with the vast majority of deaths now being vaccine-induced.

Medical experts say the issue highlights the failures of health professionals and institutions to give the public sufficient information so people can consent to the injections based on an informed decision.

But, as Dr. Guy Hatchard notes, this admission will not result in any repercussions on the vaccinators and their allies.

And he puts the deaths by vaccination into perspective.

“If you put [excess deaths in the covid injection era] next to the refusal of … hundreds of [ ] officials, parliamentarians and medicos to take any disciplinary action, you can re-appraise it as an extraordinary act of looking the other way faced with a stealthy but deadly plague of serial killers in our midst,” he writes.

There is at least one New Zealand official who is prepared to put their little finger



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