Top Democrat Calls for ‘Mini Primary’ to Select Kamala Harris’ VP Running Mate – EVOL

In a significant development, powerful Democrat Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) has called on his party to hold a “mini primary” in order to select a vice presidential running mate to join Kamala Harris on the 2024 ticket.

Clyburn is urging the Democratic Party to begin making preparations for the likely scenario that President Joe Biden will be replaced by Harris.

The strategy pushed by Clyburn, one of the highest-ranking Democrats in the House and a long-time ally of Biden, involves leveraging 700 uncommitted delegates to ensure a “fair and inclusive” selection process at the Democratic National Convention.

Clyburn revealed his support for a “mini primary” on CNN’s “Newsroom.”

This process aims to facilitate fair competition among potential candidates to determine the best-suited vice-presidential candidate for Kamala Harris, the lead contender to succeed Biden.

The idea, according to Clyburn, promotes democratic engagement and ensures that all potential candidates have an “equitable” chance to demonstrate their suitability for the vice presidency.

It is envisaged as a single-round voting process utilizing existing delegates.

Clyburn discussed the mechanics of the proposed mini-primary, emphasizing the flexible use of the 700 uncommitted delegates.

He explained, “There will definitely be other candidates.

“My understanding is they’re 700



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