Tim Scott Calls for Anti-Semitic Colleges to be Stripped of Pell Grant Funding

Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) is calling for American colleges that allow anti-Semitism to flourish on campus to “lose their Pell Grant funding.”

Scott, a Republican 2024 presidential candidate, slammed “woke” colleges and universities during a Friday interview on “American’s Newsroom.”

Scott was asked by host Bill Hemmer about the rise of anti-Semitic incidents.

Hemmer also asked whether these incidents can be traced back to college campuses.

Hemmer stated, “The rise in antisemitism is prevalent and we’ve seen it all over America.

“We see it all over New York City every day – the rallies again last night in Lower Manhattan.

“On college campuses… perhaps may be the impetus for all of this.”

The host then played a clip of Noa Foy, a student from Columbia University.

Foy told Fox Business hosts that “every day” she sees “a new form of demonstration, a new form of hate, a new form of antisemitism” on campus.

When asked if he plans to address the issue, Scott replied, “Absolutely.”

He then touted an earlier policy proposal of his.

“One of the things I’ve been saying since 2016 is we needed to codify a definition of antisemitism for our college campuses,” Scott said.

“The eruption of antisemitism



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