Texas Immigration Law Won’t Take Effect Yet After Supreme Court Extends Pause – EVOL

The Supreme Court extended its pause Monday on a Texas law allowing local police to arrest migrants who enter the state illegally.

In a brief order, Justice Samuel Alito again extended an administrative stay preventing the law, SB 4, from taking effect after the pause was set to expire today. The Biden administration asked the Supreme Court in early March to block the law from taking effect while the lawsuit proceeds, writing that it could “create chaos in the United States’ efforts to administer federal immigration laws in Texas.”

The stay does not specify an expiration date and will continue until the full Court or Alito issues a new order.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed the law in December in response to record amounts of illegal crossings. The Department of Justice (DOJ) filed its lawsuit against Texas to prevent its enforcement in January.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals paused in February a district court judge’s ruling blocking the law from taking effect, prompting the application to the Supreme Court.

SCOTUS Extends Stay on Texas Immigration Law Enforcement by Kyle Becker on Scribd

“By allowing Texas to remove noncitizens to Mexico without its consent, SB4 would have significant and immediate adverse effects on the United States’



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