Texas Gets SCOTUS Victory in Legal Fight Over Border Security – EVOL

The Supreme Court allowed Texas’ law enabling local police to arrest illegal migrants to take effect Tuesday.

After extending a pause on the law multiple times, the Supreme Court allowed Texas’ SB 4 to take effect Tuesday, declining the Biden administration’s effort to halt it while litigation continues. The Department of Justice (DOJ) first filed its lawsuit against Texas to prevent enforcement of the law in January.

“The Court gives a green light to a law that will upend the longstanding federal-state balance of power and sow chaos, when the only court to consider the law concluded that it is likely unconstitutional,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote in a dissent joined by Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. “This law implicates serious issues that are subject to ongoing political debate, and Texas’s novel scheme requires careful and reasoned consideration in the courts to determine which provisions may be unconstitutional.”


The Supreme Court will now ALLOW the Texas National Guard to arrest & deport illegal aliens within the state of Texas.

A big blow to the Biden administration. pic.twitter.com/93jyeJNzOC

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 19, 2024

Justice Elena Kagan also wrote in a dissent that she would not have allowed the law to



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