Taxpayer-Funded Luxury High-Rise Homeless Shelter Opens in Los Angeles, Each Unit Costing $600,000 – EVOL

As hard-working Americans struggle in Joe Biden’s economy, a new luxury high-rise homeless shelter opened in downtown Los Angeles on Wednesday, funded by taxpayers at an estimated cost of $600,000 per unit.

The Weingart Center Tower, constructed at an estimated cost of $168 million, features 228 studio apartments, 47 one-bedroom apartments, and three units designated for onsite managers.

The residents will enjoy onsite amenities such as a gym, art room, music room, cafe, pool, and library.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

Besides a floor of offices for case workers, conference rooms and property managers, the tower boasts a gym, an art room, a soundproofed music room, a computer room/library, a TV lounge, six common balconies, four of them with dog runs, and a ground floor cafe with a two-story glass wall facing a courtyard.

The music and art rooms were included to facilitate programming by outside organizations.

Each room — 228 studios and 50 one-bedroom apartments — has its own TV, and the cafe will also bring residents together on movie nights.

The $165-million project will receive permanent financing from Proposition HHH, state housing funds and $56



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