Target Faces Conservative Backlash as ‘Woke’ Christmas Decor Hits Shelves

Big box retailer Target is facing a new round of boycott calls after launching new Christmas-themed products that some have labeled ‘woke.’

Target has once again triggered conservative criticism after the retailer rolled out Christmas decorations that some saw as too “woke,” like a black Santa in a wheelchair or a figurine draped in rainbow-colored “pride” paraphernalia.

End Wokeness, a prominent conservative account on X with over 1.8 million followers, shared several photos of Christmas ornaments that are now being offered for sale at Target.

“Target outdid itself this year for Christmas,” End Wokeness wrote in a post on X, with one image showing a black Santa Claus sitting in a wheelchair and another showing a figurine wearing a multi-colored “pride” hat while also holding a rainbow flag.

A number of commenters reacted with criticism and hinted at (or outright called for) a boycott.

“Wow. Just wow. You would think they would have learned from the last time. When will companies finally start to realize it? Go woke, go broke!” one person posted.”Everyone getting ready to boycott Target again until they go bankrupt,” wrote another.Related Stories



Other commenters recalled earlier boycott calls after Target rolled out its “pride” clothing line over the summer



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