Tammy Murphy, New Jersey’s first lady, will seek Bob Menendez’s US Senate seat

It’s official: New Jersey first lady Tammy Murphy will be running for the U.S. Senate seat currently occupied by Sen. Bob Menendez.

Murphy faces some stiff competition. In a June 2024 primary she will face Rep. Andy Kim and quite possibly Menendez himself, who, despite facing federal charges that allege he acted as an agent for Egypt, has said he will remain in office. Gov. Phil Murphy called for his resignation in the hours after he was indicted.

In a video announcing her candidacy that is to be released early Wednesday, Murphy said she “believes New Jersey deserves an effective leader focused on the pressing challenges that families and children face.”

She said she has worked to lower New Jersey’s maternal and infant mortality rate and to make New Jersey the first and only state in the nation to incorporate climate change education in the K-12 curriculum.

What Tammy Murphy says

In her announcement video, Murphy also spoke about her childhood and being taught the importance of hard work and education. She mentioned her background in finance and meeting her future husband, Gov. Phil Murphy, before delving into the crux of her candidacy.

“When I was pregnant, and even after [my kids] were born, I worried



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