Taco Bell Bans Cash Payments, Closes All Dining Rooms in California City Due to Crime – EVOL

Fast food chain Taco Bell has announced it has taken drastic measures to tackle soaring crime in Oakland, California.

The restaurant company is closing all of its dining rooms in Oakland and will no longer accept cash payments.

Due to rampant crime, Taco Bell says it will only offer 100 percent cashless drive-thru service in the Democrat-led city.

This is not an isolated issue in Oakland, however.

Other companies have been forced to permanently close their doors in Oakland due to the crime.

Just last month, the only Denny’s restaurant in the city was shuttered after 50 years in business.

BREAKING: Taco Bell closes ALL dining in Oakland indefinitely over the crime wave

All locations in Oakland will now be 100% cashless and drive-thru only pic.twitter.com/cGI76TQ4Ab

— End Wokeness (@EndWokeness) March 11, 2024

The news comes as Oakland’s “woke” soft-on-crime leaders continue to fail to maintain law and order.

The Taco Bell locations in Oakland were forced to make the changes amid a series of robberies and an unrelenting crime surge, according to The Daily Mail.

Taco Bell says its restaurants in Oakland have been subjected to a series of robberies.

Four of the five Taco Bell locations across



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