Supreme Court Rules 5-4 Against Illegal Aliens Contesting Their U.S. Deportations – EVOL

The Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling against three illegal aliens challenging their deportation orders in the United States. They argued they were not properly notified of their removal hearings in federal immigration court.

When Esmelis Campos-Chaves, Varinder Singh, and Raul Daniel Mendez-Colín did not appear before federal immigration judges, they were ordered deported in absentia. In each instance, the Department of Justice (DOJ) initially sent Notices to Appear (NTA) for immigration court that did not specify the hearing’s time and location.

Later, the DOJ sent notices of hearings to each of the individuals, specifying the time and place they were required to appear before a federal immigration judge. Despite this, none of the men attended their court hearings, resulting in their deportation orders being issued in absentia from the United States.

Each individual then sought to have their deportation orders overturned, arguing that the DOJ had not adequately notified them of their immigration hearings. The Fifth Circuit rejected one of the petitions, while the Ninth Circuit ruled in favor of the other two individuals facing deportation.

On Friday, Justice Samuel Alito wrote for the majority, determining that the DOJ had indeed provided adequate notice of immigration hearings to



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