State Supreme Court Delivers DEVASTATING Blow To The Left’s Big Plan – EVOL

The strategy of the Left, which involves suing until they achieve their desired outcome, has once again been thwarted, this time in Kansas. The Kansas Supreme Court overturned a ruling from a lower court, delivering a well-deserved blow to Democratic elections lawyer Marc Elias and his group of partisan activists. They had attempted to challenge the safeguards in place for mail voting in the state. In their relentless pursuit of favorable legal battlegrounds, Elias and the supposedly nonpartisan League of Women Voters chose to file their lawsuit in Kansas state court instead of the Federal court.

This case posed a direct threat to the integrity of Kansas elections, as Elias aimed to eliminate all restrictions on ballot trafficking and the entire system of signature verification. The Left’s ideal scenario would allow partisan operatives to collect an unlimited number of mail ballots, with no means for the state to verify their validity. While many states permit someone other than the voter to return their mail ballot, this practice opens the door to potential abuse known as ballot trafficking. It involves individuals collecting mail ballots from multiple voters and submitting them to election officials.

Although close family members are typically



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