Scientists Raise Alarm over Shocking ‘Death Signal’ Linked to Covid Shots – EVOL

A multi-center team of celebrated medical scientists has raised the alarm after discovering that Covid mRNA shots are responsible for a shocking “excess death signal” behind the global surge in mortality rates.

The peer-reviewed study was published in the prestigious Vaccines Journal and conducted by renowned Taiwanese scientists specializing in clinical pathology, infectious diseases, and tropical medicine.

Their systematic investigation into severe adverse events post-Covid mRNA injection raises significant concerns about the current mass vaccination policy.

Specifically, the team’s discovery of an “excess death signal” has sent shockwaves through the scientific community.

Ying-Fei Yang, and Sher Singh, both with National Taiwan University and colleagues center their investigation on Taiwan’s vaccine administration and adverse event reporting.

This data was then compared to global statistics.

Tapping into and leveraging data from Taiwan’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) and global vaccination data, the authors study vaccine safety and the public health implications of vaccination strategies from local and global perspectives.

Pointing out the island nation of Taiwan’s “proactive approach, resulting in high vaccination rates,” the authors suggest a good opportunity for a case study for the monitoring and management of vaccine-related adverse events.

The comparative analysis reveals that safety monitoring remains



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