Salon advances claim that ‘MAGA and Christian nationalism’ constitute greater threats than Hamas ‘could ever be’

Salon was unable to wait a full week after Hamas terrorists massacred thousands of Israelis and slaughtered at least 33 Americans before reminding its readership that Christian Republicans were the real threat to focus on. The leftist blog published an unhinged polemic from former White House correspondent Brian Karem on Oct. 12, suggesting that the Republican Party and Hamas are “both terrorist groups — it’s just a matter of degree.”

With venom to spare, Karem doubled down in a similar piece Thursday, suggesting that “MAGA and Christian nationalism” together constitute a greater threat to America than “Hamas could ever be.”

In the earlier piece, Karem lashed out at Republican lawmakers who dared to suggest that the unpopular 80-year-old Democratic president exuded weakness and helped set the stage for the attacks on Israel, neglecting to touch upon the distinct possibility that Hamas terrorists got their hands on American weapons abandoned in Afghanistan during Biden’s botched withdrawal.

Among the Biden critics who had drawn Karem’s ire was Rep. Steve Scalise (R-La.) — a survivor of a far more focused leftist attack — who suggested on Oct. 7, “The Biden administration must be held accountable for its appeasement of



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