Russell Brand Blasts Corporate Media for Normalizing Heart Failure in Young People – EVOL

Britsh comedian Russell Brand has accused the corporate media of pushing to normalize the global crisis of young, healthy people dying suddenly from heart failure.

Brand argues that rather than highlight the fact that the surges in cardiac injuries and related only surged after the Covid mRNA shots were rolled out, the corporate media is attempting to gaslight the public into believing it is completely normal.

During an episode of his “Stay Free” podcast this week, Brand said:

“On legacy media, it’s quite possible to watch a kind of bright breezy, cheerful news item about heart attacks as if it’s like some new trend, as if it’s Pogs or Pokemon Go or something.

“It’s a new sensation, heart disease in young people.”

Brand cited a May 30 segment on NBC’s “Today” show called “A new way of thinking about heart attacks.”

The show reported:

“Doctors say they’re seeing an alarming number of seemingly healthy patients having heart attacks and those patients are getting younger and younger.”

The report noted that “more than 10% of heart attack patients had no known risk factors, such as obesity or smoking.”

According to “Today,” doctors at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital are “tracking patients to



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