RFK Jr. Escalates Initiative to Get on the Presidential Election Ballot

At a voter rally in South Carolina, the Independent candidate reiterated his vow to be on the ballot of every state, and Washington DC.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has made multiple stops in South Carolina since announcing his candidacy in April to challenge President Joe Biden for the Democratic Party nomination. Mr. Kennedy was back in South Carolina on Nov. 14, this time as an Independent candidate with the purpose of collecting signatures to get on the state’s presidential election ballot.

“We’re building an army. And, you know, we’re going to get on the ballot,” Mr. Kennedy said.

“We’re going to use volunteers to get on the ballot. And then we’re gonna have an army in place in November, like no other campaign.”

In Philadelphia on Oct. 9, Mr. Kennedy stood in front of the National Constitution Center within view of Independence Hall, where the first and only Independent candidate to win the American presidency, George Washington, helped establish the new country’s government.

On that day, he told supporters he believes he will take a similar path to the White House.

“There have been Independent candidates before. But this time is different,” said Mr. Kennedy.

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“This time, the Independent is going to win.”




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