Renowned Scientist Warns ‘99.9% Chance’ AI Will Destroy Humanity – EVOL

A world-renowned computer scientist has raised the alarm over the growing threat that is emerging from the rise in artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

As companies around the world seek to cut costs by replacing their human workforce with AI-driven machines, part of the threat to society is already apparent to many.

However, experts are warning that the threat to human civilization goes beyond the loss of jobs.

In a landmark survey conducted earlier this year, more than half of the 2,778 researchers polled expressed concerns about the existential threat posed by superhuman AI.

The survey indicated a five percent chance that humanity could face extinction or other “extremely bad outcomes” due to the rise of super-intelligent AI systems.

One of the prominent voices raising the alarm is Roman Yampolskiy.

Yampolskiy is a respected figure in AI research and a distinguished computer science lecturer at the University of Louisville.

On the “Lex Fridman Podcast,” Yampolskiy made a disturbing prediction.

He warns that his calculations show a 99.9 percent probability that AI could obliterate humanity within the next 100 years.

“Creating general superintelligences may not end well for humanity in



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