Renowned Pathologist Raises Alarm over ‘Runaway Turbo Cancers’ Among Vaxxed – EVOL

A world-renowned pathologist has raised the alarm over soaring numbers of “sudden deaths,” cases of “autoimmune disease,” and “runaway turbo cancers” he’s seeing among those vaccinated with Covid mRNA shots.

Dr. Ryan Cole spoke out to warn the public that cases of turbo cancer among the Covid-vaxxed are going to continue rising for many years to come.

In a new interview, he revealed that the injections and the spike protein they produce and destroying the human body from the inside out.

Specifically, he says the shots are breaking down the immune system and allowing deadly diseases to develop and spread in ways that have never been seen before.

“The biggest problem we’re going to be fighting for a long time is chronic autoimmune disease,” he reveals.

“These [Covid mRNA] injections were contaminated with DNA,” Cole explains.

“They were made with a synthetic RNA.

“And they weren’t just making spike proteins, they were Frankenstein proteins as well.

“When the immune system is exposed to proteins that it’s not supposed to see, then it starts to go haywire.

“So certainly we’ve seen some excess sudden death, and we’ve seen death from all causes, increased around the world, after the rollout of



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