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Red Wave Incoming: Trump Just Rammed into Biden’s Most Critical Blue Stronghold

In recent months, Donald Trump has shocked Democrat strategists. After trailing behind Biden in fundraising for months, he has outraised the Democrat in May. That came, mind you, after Democrats convicted Trump in a New York court.

It seems clear that Trump isn’t playing it safe, campaigning only in red states. He has made big plays for swing states that Biden won in 2020.

Trivia Question: In which presidential election did a third-party candidate win the highest percentage of the popular vote in U.S. history? (Answer at the end of the article)

But Trump is going even further. He held a rally in the South Bronx and New Jersey. He showed up in Philadelphia last weekend, a Democratic stronghold if there ever was one. Now, he is defying the liberal playbook again with a move to flip yet another blue state.

From Just the News:
Former President Donald Trump appears poised to invest heavily in Virginia in the 2024 election as new polling data suggests the Old Dominion could be competitive for Republicans for the first time in 20 years.

“Joe Biden is so weak, and



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