President Biden’s Campaign Reeling After Latest ‘Brutal’ Poll

President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign just got another major dose of bad news in the form of another poll showing him losing support among a historically key Democratic voting bloc.

A CNN poll released last week shows former President Donald Trump beating Biden by three points among “men of color” voters, which the outlet described as a “shocking” revelation for Democrats who hope the president can win reelection.

The demographic went for Trump 49-46 percent, according to the outlet’s poll, which is a stark contrast from just three short years ago:

42 percent of black men are eligible voters 12 percent of eligible black men voted for Trump 87 percent of black men supported Biden

Also, among Hispanic men in 2020:

58 percent of Hispanic men are eligible voters 40 percent of eligible Hispanic men voted for Trump 57 percent of Hispanic men voted for Biden

“Shocking, shocking,” said Van Jones, a CNN commentator, of the findings. “The black male, that’s a stunner. Black women have been in the lead, but black men haven’t been that far behind.”

Overall, black and Hispanic men still favor Biden overall, but by much smaller margins this time around.


“Black voters favor Biden, 73% vs.



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