Popular Singer, Soap Opera Actress To Host Swanky Fundraiser For Trump In London – EVOL

It’s clear from the turnout at Donald Trump’s campaign rallies that he has a wide base of support across the U.S.

But an upcoming fundraiser in the U.K. emphasized the fact that Trump supporters are also active and engaged around the world.

Actress Holly Valance, known for her role in the Australian soap opera “Neighbors” and the hit song “Kiss Kiss,” is bucking the entertainment industry’s far-left reputation in order to help boost Trump’s bid for a second term in the White House.

As the Daily Mail reported:

The former Neighbours actress, 41, is reportedly set to host an exclusive Trump election fundraiser in London on June 7, with tickets costing a whopping $100,000 per couple to attend.

According to The Sunday Times, Holly’s name on the hosting list will help to attract some of London’s most elite and wealthy conservative party supporters.

‘It’s a Holly party, so you can guarantee it’s going to be enormous fun,’ conservative British politician Nigel Farage told the publication.

It was Nigel who introduced Holly to her British property tycoon and Conservative Party donor husband Nick.

News of the event quickly spread on social media:

Mid-oughts Australian celebrity Holly Valance



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