Pollster Frank Luntz Warns Democrats: Trump Could Win This Deep-Blue State – EVOL

Prominent pollster Frank Luntz has issued a warning to Democrats about the potential for Donald Trump to win Minnesota, a state that has long been a Democratic stronghold. Luntz’s observations come as Trump continues to defy conventional political wisdom, even in the face of significant legal challenges.

“To me, it’s not that Donald Trump is winning so big in Iowa. That’s not the story. It’s that he’s making it close in Minnesota,” Luntz said. “Minnesota is a reliable Democratic state. It votes Democrat in every presidential campaign. In poll after poll, I see Trump within two or three points in Minnesota.”

Traditionally, Minnesota has been a safe bet for Democratic candidates, consistently voting blue in presidential elections. However, Luntz’s data indicates that Trump is within striking distance, raising concerns for Democrats who might have considered the state a secure part of their electoral strategy.

“I don’t think the media understands exactly what’s going on right now,” Luntz continued. “Yes, Trump dropped a few points after being found guilty on 34 felony counts. But remember this, that would have destroyed any candidate as recently as 10 years ago. And the fact that Donald Trump is still even with, or in some



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