Planet Fitness Stock Plunges after Boycott over Men in Women’s Locker Rooms – EVOL

Planet Fitness has become the latest company to go broke after going woke as boycotts continue to pummel the national firm.

The company has been hit with widespread boycotts over its “transgender” policy that allows men to use women’s facilities such as locker rooms and bathrooms.

The boycotts emerged after a real woman’s membership was canceled by a Planet Fitness facility in Alaska when she complained about a man shaving in the women’s lock room.

She reportedly photographed a “man in the women’s locker room” as evidence, with the image quickly going viral on social media.

After the woman’s membership was canceled for raising concerns about men in the women’s facilities, the company lost roughly 15% of its stock price in less than two weeks.

On March 7, the company’s stock price stood at $66.92.

However, by March 19 it had plummeted to $56.46, the New York Post reported.

Patricia Silva posted a video on Facebook about the incident, in which she stated:

“Good day. I just wanted to say I came out of Planet Fitness and there is a man who is shaving in a women’s bathroom.

“I realize he wants to be a woman; he gets to



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