Planet Fitness Sees $400 Million Wiped from Its Value After Transgender Locker Room Scandal – EVOL

‘Go Woke, Go Broke.’

Popular gym company Planet Fitness is ignoring the market lesson of Bud Light and is pushing an activist “transgender” policy that many members believe is inappropriate, if not outright unsafe for children.

Planet Fitness’ company value has declined by $400 million in five days after it banned a member who shared a photo of a ‘trans woman’ using a female locker room.

Former female customer Patricia Silva posted the viral video with a photo of the ‘trans woman’ in the female locker room.

Silva uploaded the Facebook video in early March detailing her experience at an Alaska fitness center.

“I just came out of Planet Fitness. There is a man shaving in the women’s bathroom. I love him in Christ. He is a spiritual being having a human experience,” she said.

“He doesn’t like his gender so he wants to be a woman, but I’m not comfortable with him shaving in my bathroom,” she said. “I just thought I’d say it out loud.”

She explained the incident that got her membership canceled.

“I went to planet fitness… Walked in the bathroom, and there stands a MAN shaving… I looked at him, said ‘hey’ … he



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