Photo of teacher crawling under bathroom stall generates concern – EVOL

A local teacher was photographed crawling under a stall of a high school bathroom. The district, while saying they investigated and found no wrongdoing, are being oddly tight lipped on some key details.

A photo has been circulating showing a French teacher at Kentlake High School in Kent crawling under the stall of a school restroom. She is wearing a “they/them” face mask, and looking straight toward the person on the toilet in the stall. It’s not clear when the photo was taken.

The photo has generated considerable interest on social media with some wondering if it reflects something inappropriate from the teacher. A little over a year ago, this school garnered local and national attention when a different teacher was arrested for allegedly grooming a teenage student.

Why did a teacher sneak under a bathroom stall door at a high school?

The district appears hesitant to provide too many details.

It took three emails across two days to finally get a response from an unidentified district spokesperson.

“Situation: Some students have been entering bathroom stalls, locking the door, and then crawling out under the door. As a result, the stall doors are locked and inaccessible for others. We are



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