Pfizer CEO Admits Mass Depopulation Coming Soon: 'Covid Was Just a Test' – EVOL

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has boasted that deaths seen during the Covid pandemic will pale into insignificance when globalists soon unleash the next mass depopulation event.

According to Bourla, a key member of the World Economic Forum (WEF), “Covid was just a rehearsal” for the major cull of humans that is coming soon.

“I truly think the best days of Pfizer are ahead of us because Covid was, for me, like a rehearsal, prove generali, how you can mobilize an organization and do the impossible, possible, against a main disease,” Bourla said.


BREAKING: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla admitted yesterday that Covid was used as a test, while also saying that he believes that the best days of Pfizer are ahead.

“I truly think that the best days of Pfizer are ahead of us, because Covid was for me was like a rehearsal.”

— Patrick Webb (@RealPatrickWebb) June 19, 2024

It’s a pretty ominous statement when you think about it considering that when we look back, we can often find instances where someone warned us, either directly or in a more subtle way, that something bad was brewing but no one heeded the warning.

For example, Alex



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