Obama Privately Panicking about Biden’s Re-Election: Report – EVOL

Barack Obama is privately packing about Democrat President Joe Biden’s doomed chances of re-election in November, according to a new report.

While he puts on a united front with his embattled former vice president, Obama is privately scrambling over fears President Donald Trump will win re-election after Biden’s debate disaster, according to the Washington Post.

In recent days, Obama has confided his worries to his inner circle, the report said.

The report contradicts Obama’s public support for Biden, however.

Biden is now facing growing pressure to step aside.

Over the past year, Obama has met with Biden in private to share concerns about his re-election campaign.

But since last week’s debate, concerns about Biden have grown into a genuine panic among his fellow Democrats.

Obama called Biden after the debate and shared advice, the Washington Post said.

However, the Post’s sources did not share insight on what Obama said.

While few Democrats have denied that Biden performed badly, they have downplayed his performance as just one bad night.

Obama did the same in a post on X last week.

In a social media post, Obama emphasized the high stakes of Biden’s re-election battle.

Bad debate nights happen. Trust me, I



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