Oakland mayor says FBI raided her home due to ‘right-wing forces,’ does not take questions on advice of counsel, cries at presser – EVOL

On Monday, Oakland, California Mayor Sheng Thao addressed the media for the first time after her home was raided by the Federal Bureau of Investigations last week. She did not reveal many details about the incident or what may have led up to it, but instead suggested it was somehow part of a plot by “radical right-wing forces” trying to oust her as leader.

Thao, whose rule is being threatened by an active recall campaign, questioned the timing of the raid and how quickly it was picked up by the media. She specifically targeted conservative outlets, accusing them of trying to “fan the flames” via their coverage. Ahead of her remarks, her chief of staff said that on the advice of counsel, the mayor wouod not be taking questions.

The mayor began her emotional address by comparing herself to Oakland residents who have been treated unfairly by the police based on their immutable characteristics, shedding a tear as she praised those who work hard but “cannot catch a break.” She went on to declare that she would not be intimidated, and vowed continue fighting.

“The timing of all this is troubling,” Sheng continued, “and we should all be concerned … I



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