NY Times Reporter Reveals Biden Is Doubling Down on Vow to Run for Re-Election despite ‘Debate Flop’ – EVOL

Democrat President Joe Biden is doubling down on his plans to stay in the presidential race and run for re-election in November, a New York Times reporter has revealed.

Shane Goldmacher of the New York Times reported that Biden is vowing to persist in his re-election bid despite valid concerns about his age and mental fitness.

Even after his “debate flop,” Biden shows no signs of stepping down amid cries to replace him.

“For years, President Biden has had a ready retort for the naysayers who have questioned his facility and fitness to run for president again at age 81 and to serve until he is 86. ‘Watch me,’ he has said,” Goldmacher wrote.

“But in the days since tens of millions of Americans watched him fumble Thursday’s debate in real time, Mr. Biden has essentially adopted a new line: Trust me,” the political correspondent noted.

The trouble is that voters are increasingly finding it difficult to “trust” Biden and the Democrats, especially now they realize that the Democrat president’s severely degraded mental and physical state has been kept hidden from them.

Biden took to the debate stage in Atlanta looking tired, old, lost, and confused.

Now Biden is asking



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