Newest Insanity From CNN – It's a Conspiracy Theory to Say That America is a Republic and Not a Democracy (VIDEO) – EVOL

The United States of America is a constitutional republic, but don’t say that to anyone at CNN or they might label you a conspiracy theorist.

The far left network recently did an entire segment about the fact that Trump supporters and other people on the right insist (correctly) that we are not a democracy.

The left has repeated their canned line about ‘our democracy’ so many times that CNN is now trying to rewrite history to suit the Democrat party.

NewsBusters reported:

CNN Scandalized By The Idea America Is a Republic, Not a Democracy

With President Biden arguing that former President Donald Trump is a threat to democracy, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan decided it would be a good idea to try to help make that case. On Friday’s CNN News Central, O’Sullivan was seen on the road with Trump voters, where he was aghast at the idea that they view America as a republic, not a democracy.

In one clip, O’Sullivan was speaking to a couple when he declared, “Obviously, there’s a lot of criticisms of Trump that he is bad for democracy. That he’s bad for American democracy.”

A woman interrupted him to assert, “Can I say something? We



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