New York Times Calls for Ban on July 4th Fireworks to Fight ‘Climate Change’ – EVOL

Liberal corporate media outlet The New York Times is arguing that Americans must be forced to give up fireworks during July Fourth celebrations in order to help globalists “fight climate change.”

The NY Times called for a ban on fireworks in a recent article titled: “Enough With the Fireworks Already.”

The left-wing newspaper argues that Americans must find a different way to celebrate their nation’s independence.

Additionally, the article insists Americans should give up fireworks because dogs and wildlife are terrified of loud noises.

“And those were all companion animals, the ones whose terror is clear to us,” the NYT article warns.

“We have no real way of knowing how many wild animals suffer because the patterns of their lives are disrupted with no warning every year on a night in early July.

“People shooting bottle rockets in the backyard might not see the sleeping songbirds, startled from their safe roosts, exploding into a darkness they did not evolve to navigate — crashing into buildings or depleting crucial energy reserves.

“People firing Roman candles into the sky above the ocean may have no idea that the explosions can cause seabirds to abandon their nest or frighten nesting shorebirds to death.”

The article continues by



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