New ‘Air Vax’ Can Vaccinate ‘Entire Cities’ at Once

Yale University scientists have developed a new airborne “Air Vax” that can be delivered using aerosols to vaccinate “entire cities” at once.

Scientists at Yale developed the “Air Vax” to combat vaccine hesitancy among the public.

The new method bypasses the need for traditional injections as it can be pumped into the air and used to vaccinate large crowds of unsuspecting people via the air they are breathing.

The mRNA in “Air Vax” is encapsulated into polymer nanoparticles, according to reports.

Following a study on mice, the results led researchers to declare that this “new method of delivery could radically change the way people are vaccinated.”

Air Vax can get the job done without a needle and syringe, allowing for greater vaccine coverage.

Scientists say the method will help the government to deliver vaccines for Covid and other viruses to people in remote areas of the world.

It will also overcome low vaccination rates among those who don’t want to get the injections.

The paper explains:

“The ability to efficiently deliver mRNA to the lung would have applications for vaccine development, gene therapy, and more.

“That such mRNA delivery can be accomplished by encapsulating mRNAs of interest within optimized poly(amine-co-ester)



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