NBC Trying to Shame Latinos for Voting Based on Their Christian Values – EVOL

NBC News is apparently getting concerned about recent polling showing former President Donald Trump beating President Joe Biden among Latinos and sees Christianity as a big reason why.

The news outlet brought out the Christian nationalist boogeyman in hopes of persuading some to change their mind.

“Latino evangelical support for Christian nationalism rises as Trump courts religious vote,” NBC headlined Monday.

Noticias Telemundo reporter Lourdes Hurtado, who wrote the NBC story, pointed to Trump’s appearance at the National Religious Broadcasters convention last month.

She quoted him saying, “We have to bring back our religion. We have to bring back Christianity.”


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“We have to bring back our religion; we have to bring back Christianity in this country!” – President Trump.⁰

Watch President Trump’s NRB Speech: https://t.co/NGJEPz6a34 pic.twitter.com/5l8eWbx6Te

— Real America’s Voice (RAV) (@RealAmVoice) February 23, 2024

“Trump’s rhetoric is linked to the ideology of Christian nationalism, which calls for America to be an unequivocal Christian nation in its laws and customs, and whose adherents don’t believe in a separation of church



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