Mollie Hemingway: By Democrat Standards, Biden Pressuring Saudis On Oil Prices Is An Impeachable Offense


‘The Federalist’ and FOX News contributor Mollie Hemingway compared President Biden’s actions with Saudi Arabia to President Trump’s actions to Ukraine: “I was not a fan of that last impeachment but by the standards set by Democrats and the media, the argument was that Donald Trump, by asking for an investigation into the notorious corruption in Ukraine that deals with some of our most powerful families, and that because we have a relationship with Ukraine, this constituted a quid pro quo and a meddling in an upcoming election. Well here we have a letter released that shows that president Biden explicitly asked for help in this election by delaying this outcome of cutting back on oil production. He has publicly announced that he wants to persecute Saudi Arabia or punish them, you know, through some means, whether it’s legislative or limiting arms sales, and we have this all publicly. And so by the standards set by Democrats and the media, he obviously should be impeached and he obviously should be immediately convicted if you’re going to be consistent.”