Michael Moore’s Warning To Democrats: “Donald Trump Is Smarter Than Us” – EVOL

It is a rare day when I find myself agreeing with documentary filmmaker Michael Moore.

The left-wing film producer and thought leader recently issued a dire warning to his fellow liberals about President Trump.

Moore explained to Democrats and the left that “Donald Trump is smarter than us.”

He then went on to paint the former President as a slick character who can always get himself out of any situation and claimed that President Trump has a lengthy rap sheet that he has never answered for.

Now, this characterization I disagree with—the former President is unfairly targeted and maligned.

However, Moore’s conclusion is right on the money. President Trump is smarter than the collective left and their handlers in the administrative state.

Still, Moore’s comments are entertaining, if anything. Here’s what everyone is saying:

Michael Moore’s Warning to Democrats: “Donald Trump is Smarter Than Us” https://t.co/gsPUh8dibj pic.twitter.com/tQwCvE58p9

— Grace Chong 🇺🇸 (@gc22gc) March 19, 2024

Michael Moore to worried Democrats:
“Trump is smarter than us. He will defeat all these trials.”
President Trump is not just smarter.
He really is a good person with a loving heart for all Americans.
Majority of voters are realizing this.
He is breaking past Fake News.
Winning! pic.twitter.com/LWYfNF39p3

— Bob



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