Medicare, Social Security concerns rising among US adults: Poll – EVOL

(NewsNation) — Americans under the age of 65 are growing less confident in their future health and financial protections, a new Gallup poll revealed.

The poll, conducted in partnership with West Health, shows a sharp increase in concerns among adults about whether Medicare and Social Security will be available when they retire.

A majority, 73%, of poll respondents under age 65 said they were “worried” (41%) or “extremely worried” (32%) about the attainability of Medicare coverage.

Meanwhile, 80% of that same age group said they were anxious about the future of Social Security benefits, with 33% choosing “worried” and another 47% “extremely worried.”

Sixty-five percent of the youngest group, those 18 to 29, said they were worried or extremely worried about Medicare, with 71% showing concern about Social Security.

Honing in on the 50-to-64 range tells a different story. Older adults noted a 13-point increase in worry over Medicare (74%) and a 9-point jump for Social Security (81%) compared to 2022 data.

Despite a higher overall concern among adults on the issues, a majority don’t believe political candidates are addressing aging issues. Around 73% of adults say the issues are prioritized “not



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