Maricopa County Election Worker Arrested for Stealing Security Fob and Keys Was a Registered Democrat Who Filed to Run for Senate – EVOL

New alarming details have surfaced regarding the theft of a key fob at the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC). This incident has raised concerns among some that Arizona election officials may be planning another election fraud, beginning with the upcoming primary.

As previously reported, on Thursday morning, a temporary election worker, Walter Ringfield Jr., allegedly stole a security fob and keys from MCTEC.

The man was previously charged with stealing $1,000 from a grocery store. The prosecution suspended the case after the suspect entered a diversion program, suggesting a possible plea deal. It remains unclear how he passed the background check required to work in the election department.

Election workers are currently reprogramming the tabulators and conducting new Logic and Accuracy Testing. This process has stirred controversy, especially after the 2022 election, when tabulators were allegedly programmed to fail intentionally on election day.

As reported by AZ Central:

Walter Ringfield, a 27-year-old Phoenix resident who isn’t currently registered as a member of a political party in Arizona, took the fob on the evening of June 20 from the facility, officials said. In a statement, officials said the fob was recovered and they will reprogram and retest election



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