Los Angeles County Sued by 29 Cities over Zero-Bail Policy

Los Angeles County has been hit with a massive lawsuit from 29 California cities over the district’s radical zero-bail policy.

The lawsuit was initially filed in September against LA County after crime rates had already been soaring.

Torrance has now become the 29th city to join the complaint against the county.

The lawsuit seeks to end the pro-crime protocol, KTLA reported.

In a statement, Torrance said it “remains committed to public safety and urges communities and stakeholders to join in advocating for sensible and responsible criminal justice.”

The county’s zero-bail policy went into effect on October 1.

It allows individuals arrested for nonviolent crimes to be cited or booked and then released instead of held in jail.

Some of the offenses eligible for zero bail include car theft, retail theft, burglary, vandalism, possession of stolen property, and forgery.

In most cases, criminals re-offend after being released back onto the streets.

More serious crimes, meanwhile, are subject to magistrate review but can still end with the suspects being released without paying bail.

Capital offenses, including violent crimes, are not eligible for pre-arraignment release.

The L.A. County Superior Court claimed that the previous bail protocols discriminated against poor individuals.

When the policy



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