LEGO Doubles Down on Targeting Kids: Releases Gay Pride Video With Drag Queens and Fetishes – EVOL

Is it time to boycott LEGO?

Let’s take a look, shall we?

2019 – they released a Trafalgar Square set that snuck in a rainbow flag.

2021 – released the 1st gay Lego set “Everyone is Awesome”.

2022 – launched the “A-Z of Awesome’, an ongoing gay campaign that would last “until 2023”. (Think it stopped?)  It promoted trans characters for ages 5 and up

2023 – In June they faced backlash from last years pro-trans on kids once word got spread on Twitter.

2024 – Did Lego learn their lesson? Nope! They released a “Pride Parade” video, complete with animal fetishes, called ‘furries’. (This has the warning signs to be a gateway to bestiality)

I’m guessing they’re hoping no one will notice and cause an uproar since it’s the end of the ‘Pride month’.

They’re after the kids and they’re not stopping.

Washington Examiner reports:

The Lego Group released a “mini stories” Instagram video called “Pride Parade” on Thursday.

“These dazzling minifigures are ready for Pride with their very own spectacular Pride celebration!” the post said alongside an Instagram video with the hashtags #LEGO #Pride #Celebration #LGBTQIA.

The stop-motion animated video shows Lego people gathering on a makeup table in a bedroom. A



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