LAPD Chief Bans ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag, Citing ‘Extremism’


The “Thin Blue Line” flag has been banned from Los Angeles Police Department lobbies along with all other public areas on police property following a complaint from one person who thought it signified support for “extremist” ideologies such as “those espoused by the Proud Boys,” according to the chief.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore sent an email to department personnel on Friday making the announcement to remove the flags, blaming “extremist groups” who have “hijacked the use” of the Thin Blue Line.

“Earlier this week there was a member of the public that complained of a ‘Thin Blue Line Flag’ being displayed over the front desk of Rampart Station. The complaint stems from their belief the symbol signifies support of extremists views such as those espoused by the Proud Boys and others,” Moore announced.

“I directed to have the item taken down in our lobbies wherever possible. Memorials for our fallen are also authorized in all public spaces.”

The police chief, appointed in 2018 by former LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, went on to say that he disagreed with the community member’s views, but conceded its divisiveness.

“While I do not personally view the ‘Thin Blue Line Flag’ in the same manner as the community member and others, its display in our public lobbies can be divisive.”

He added that personnel may still keep a Thin Blue Line symbol in their personal areas, such as their workspace or locker.

“It’s unfortunate that extremist groups have hijacked the use of the ‘Thin Blue Line Flag’ to symbolize their undemocratic, racist, and bigoted views,” Moore continued.