KJP ERUPTS When Reporters Press Her on Neurologist Visits to President Joe Biden – EVOL

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was pressed on Monday by reporters demanding specific information on President Joe Biden’s medical records after a serious of reports showed a neurologist had visited him multiple times during his presidency.

White House reporters interrogated Jean-Pierre over the inclusion of a neurologist and Parkinson’s disease specialist in the White House log and asked whether this had any connection to the president’s health.

The press secretary stated that President Biden had consulted with a neurologist on three occasions, but declined to provide any further information, citing security concerns.

According to CBS News senior White House reporter Ed O’Keefe, the press secretary should have the ability to reply to inquiries on the president’s well-being. Jean-Pierre emphasized the need of respecting the confidentiality of the physicians and the numerous staff members who receive medical care at the White House.

“Ed, I also said to you for security reasons, we cannot share names. We cannot share names,” Jean-Pierre said.

“You cannot share names of others he would’ve met with, but you can share names in regards if someone came here in regards to the president,” O’Keefe shot back.

“We cannot share names of specialists broadly. From a dermatologist



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