Kevin Costner Jabs Whoopi Goldberg for Cutting Him Off, Going to Commercial – 'Stand Down, We're Talking' – EVOL

Actor Kevin Costner ribbed “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg for going to a commercial break during his appearance on the ABC show on Monday.

After about a seven-minute segment discussing his family life and his new film, “Horizon: An American Saga,” Costner spotted Goldberg preparing to intervene in the discussion to go to commercial break.

The actor was in the middle of making a point about Native Americans and the clash of cultures and competing interests as the United States expanded from sea to sea. “Horizon” takes place before and after the Civil War.

“Oh, OK. I just — yeah, OK,” Whoopi said as the show’s producers were signaling her about needing to take the break.

“Take control of this Whoopi, honestly,” Costner said. “Tell those sponsors to stand down, we’re talking!”


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His comment drew laughter from the audience and the panelists.

“Well — yeah,” Goldberg responded while pointing at the camera, but the program went to commercial anyway.

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During the interview, Costner, a father of seven, said how moving it was to receive an 11-minute standing ovation for “Horizon”



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