JUST IN: CNN Could Be Forced To Pay $1 BILLION From Defamation Suit – EVOL

CNN has found itself entangled in a legal battle that could prove extremely costly. A defamation lawsuit spearheaded by Zachary Young and his company Nemex Enterprises Inc. has the potential to result in a staggering $1 billion in punitive damages against the news network.

The case revolves around CNN’s portrayal of Young, a U.S. Navy Veteran and private security consultant, in its coverage of the chaotic evacuation efforts during the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan. Young, who played a crucial role in helping Afghan citizens flee the Taliban, claims that CNN’s reporting not only damaged his reputation but also irreparably harmed his business.

In a segment aired on “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on November 11, 2021, and later republished across various platforms, CNN reporter Alex Marquardt accused Young of operating in a “black market” and exploiting desperate Afghans by charging “exorbitant fees.” According to Young, these accusations were not only false but also portrayed him as an illegal profiteer, tarnishing his efforts and his character.

After, Young filed the defamation and trade libel lawsuit against CNN, arguing that the network’s coverage was both misleading and defamatory. The lawsuit gained significant traction when Young moved to amend his complaint to



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