Judge Hands Win to Jack Smith in Ongoing Trump Legal Battle – EVOL

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon has handed a win to Jack Smith by granting a request from the special counsel in the high-profile classified documents case against President Donald Trump.

On Friday, Cannon issued a ruling regarding a request from Smith to redact, substitute, or delete information in the case.

Judge Cannon determined that while information deemed relevant and helpful to the defense may need to be shared, irrelevant details could be omitted from discovery.

Judge Grants Special Counsel Request, but Orders Sharing of Material ‘Helpful’ to Trumphttps://t.co/Ak3aEfUil6

— The Epoch Times (@EpochTimes) March 23, 2024

To assess these requests, the judge scrutinized the special counsel’s assertions of sensitivity and privilege in the documents.

Disclosure of the material is permitted if it is deemed pertinent and beneficial to the defense of the accused.

“In seeking to withhold classified information from discovery under Section 4, all parties agree that the Special Counsel bears the burden of proof,” Judge Cannon wrote.

The order, detailed in a 21-page sealed document, described the classified information in question, with an 8-page public version also filed, outlining four categories of documents.

The judge stated:

“The Court GRANTS the Special Counsel’s Motion as to



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